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John - Airbnb Host

"You are a rockstar and have such a good eye. This is now my best-performing property!"

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About the Designer

I’m Hannah Louise Burcham and for the past 8 years, I have been dedicated to creating unique interiors for human wellbeing. I believe that the spaces where we spend the majority of our time should be a reflection of our best selves. Our homes should inspire us to draw close to our passions and provide a safe space to explore everything that life has to offer. Studies show that when your home feels cramped, disorganized, and does not reflect your values, it is more difficult (sometimes impossible) for the subconscious mind to rest and feel at ease.


I aim to fix that. My designs focus on sustainability, high functionality, and value vs. cost. Using travel and nature as inspiration, my designs showcase a variety of materials, textures, and color palettes to create a design story that is unique to each client. No two designs are the same because no two clients are the same. 

As for Short Term Rental Hosts; I spent 2019 and 2020 designing Plus Listings for Airbnb. My job was to design listings that included all the required amenities and stood out amongst the rest. This helped Hosts obtain 5-star reviews and achieve the coveted Superhost Status. My designs have been proven to increase occupancy and nightly rates. I can do the same for you!

Image of Hannah, the designer. Smiling in front of a gallery wall and plants

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