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Creating A Space Inspired by YOU

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Design is in the details. My book "Good Natured" will help you get it right every time. 

Included in the booklet


Finding your Inspiration

In this chapter, I outline tried and true methods to open up the doors to your creative mind as well as tips and tricks to creating a space that feels cohesive, interesting and origial.


Color Theory

In chapter three, we go back to basics with color and then dive a little deeper into the art, science and effect of color on interiors.



Art is so important. It can make or break a room. Not only what art you choose, but also how you hang it, where you display it and of course, making sure you get the details right in terms spacing, framing and styling for different goals.


Principles of Design

In order to create an aesthetically pleasing and sensory-pleasing space, you need to understand the basic rules of design. This chapter will define and explain the Principles of design to help give you a framework for your creativity. 


Quick Tips

In chapter four, I go over the easiest "hacks" to make your home feel put together. These hacks typically don't involve spending any money, but rather reorienting the way you think about and display the items you already have.



Rugs are the most under-utilized (or often incorrectly utilized) component of decorating. They are the anchor, the rock, and the starting point for visual unity in a room. This chapter goes over sizing, materials, placement and theory.


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